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We’re a collection of companies with a single vision: to power human progress with clean affordable energy for everyone.

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At OVO we are developing the products, services and technology to allow people to transition away from fossil fuels.

We were the first mainstream energy company to remove coal and nuclear from our fuel mix and guarantee at least 50% of the electricity in our standard tariffs is from renewable sources. Through our technology platforms and smart home products we are finding innovative ways to help customers manage their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprints.

OVO is committed to being a force for good. We are setting science-based carbon targets for both the electricity and gas we supply and our own emissions. We are developing projects to link bonuses with our sustainability performance, to improve access to energy, and make it easier for our customers to lead more sustainable, lower-carbon lives.

There’s a lot of work to do, but we’re determined to leave the world better than we found it.

OVO Retail

OVO Energy

Founded in 2009, OVO Energy is OVO’s flagship brand, offering its pay-monthly customers an unparalleled suite of digital energy services, solutions, and technologies. OVO installed its first smart meter in 2013 and our Field Force have now reached over 1m customers’ homes, allowing people to take control of their energy and take advantage of our groundbreaking energy storage technology.

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Boost is a dedicated prepayment energy brand founded on the belief that customers want the freedom to top up their energy when and where they’d like. Introduced by OVO in 2017, Boost is an evolution of OVO Energy’s Smart PAYG+, the first truly smart prepayment platform in the UK. This revolutionary service removed the need for inconvenient card or key top-up systems, instead letting customers add credit through a smart meter-linked smartphone app.

In 2018, Boost launched a new and innovative feature, the Winter Wallet, allowing customers to pay into a savings pot for the winter months.

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Founded in 2016, Lumo is an app-only brand offering low prices, and an excellent comparison and switching service – all made possible by digital-only account management. A Lumo account is created when a customer chooses to switch suppliers and Lumo provides ongoing insight and recommendations when it is in a customer’s interest to switch again.

Founded in 2017, Lumo Energy is an app-only, smart driven energy tariff. Lumo Energy aims to install a smart meter, free of charge, within the first 6 months after sign-up. Customers who book an installation receive a further discount on their energy.

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Spark Energy

Established in 2007, Spark Energy is a UK multi-utility provider committed to serving the needs of home movers across the country. With over 500,000 customer accounts, Spark works with letting and estate agents, large-scale social housing landlords and property managers to deliver lower move-in prices and a range of fixed and tailored price plans.

In 2018, OVO Group acquired Spark Energy, combining OVO’s innovative technology and focus on customer service with Spark’s unique network of partnerships to bring greater products and services to more households around the UK.

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CORGI HomePlan

Founded in 2011 and acquired by OVO in April 2017, CORGI HomePlan is the UK’s third largest home services provider with approximately 150,000 customers. The company is aligned with OVO’s focus on delivering exceptional customer service at fair prices.  

Adding CORGI HomePlan to the OVO portfolio has expanded the brand’s current in-home capabilities from smart meter installation to boiler maintenance and installation, thermostats, and other in-home technology.

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Kaluza is an intelligent grid technology company leading the digital transformation of the electricity system. It was created to solve the challenge faced by grid operators, energy suppliers and device manufacturers of integrating millions of energy intensive appliances such as electric vehicles onto the grid. Initially a technology division within OVO, Kaluza now supplies software and hardware solutions – as well as in-home installation services – to a range of partners.

Kaluza’s mission is to securely connect all devices to an intelligent zero carbon grid and facilitate a global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

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